About One Cheap Mama

I'm Christa.  I've been married to my husband Georgia Boy for 7 years.  He's a Georgia Bulldog and I'm an Oklahoma Sooner but we've made our home on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain in southeast Louisiana.  This means we're close enough to New Orleans to enjoy the wonders of that beautiful city but far enough away that we are bona fide suburbanites.

When I married Georgia Boy I became insta-stepmom to his little 4 year old boy.  That little boy is now  11 years old and the path of being a blended family hasn't been easy.  But each day I learn more about myself and try to make choices that grow our family closer together.  We couldn't make it a single day without God's guidance.  I will probably never post pictures of my bonus child because he's not my own progeny and therefore I don't feel like I have the authority on whether or not his image should be put out there in the blogosphere.  Just trust me when I say he's got the sweetest brown eyes and is growing into a full-fledged goofy adolescent.

I am also mom to a 5 year old boy whom I will call Superman on my blog and a 1 year old daughter that I call Sidekick.  The Superman moniker is because at his age, all things powerful, magical and imaginative capture his attention and I love this about him.  I watch him with wonder-filled eyes that this smart, funny and precious child is my own.  He is more than I deserve.

Sidekick got her blog name through my new experience as a SAHM.  After my son was born, I went back to work and worked until he was three-and-a-half years old.  However, with my daughter, I have been at home the whole time.  It makes me laugh to myself that everywhere I go she is along for the ride.  Because both of our families live out of state my kids are truly with me when they are not somewhere like a mother's day out program or with my husband.  The fact that I have a permanent Sidekick probably won't be so funny in a few months when she can follow me into the bathroom but right now I think my constant little Sidekick is pretty cute.

My blog is about living well on less money.  It is about loving what you have instead of constantly craving more.  It is appreciating life, living within your means and doing it with as much style as possible.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts and I welcome any comments.  Happy reading, Cheap Mama!

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