Friday, April 15, 2011

Virtual Blogger Award

That's right!  I've only been blogging a little over 3 months and I've already won a blogging award!  Move over, Pioneer Woman, here comes One Cheap Mama.

The rules of this award as told to me are as follows:

Thank the blogger who gave me the award and link back to them in my post.  Thank you, Mommie Couture!
Write ten FUN FACTS about myself.  
Showcase a few of my favorite bloggers. 

Ten Interesting Facts About One Cheap Mama

*I am left-handed but no one else in my family except a great-uncle is left handed.

*I have to physically restrain myself from going overboard with monogramming and toile print.  This was never more evident than after I had a daughter.

*I am a recovering perfectionist.  There isn't a 12 step program for this, but there should be!

*I am a homebody and prefer staying home than going out.

*I named my dog, McCormack, after Kevin Bacon's character in Footloose.  I grew up Baptist and could very much identify with the no dancing thing.  However, now I can totally give Elaine Benes a run for her money on the dance floor.

*I love homes and interior design.

*My college degree is in Microbiology.  It was as boring as it sounds.

*I like television shows that are scripted; I love to see what the writers do with the characters.

*Which leads me to my next fact.  I LOVE to read.  Love, love, love.

*I love any kind of pasta dish and could eat pasta every day.  I wouldn't complain one bit if Giada decided to be my personal chef.

There you have it!  Now check out the blogs of the following fabulous ladies!

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