Monday, July 18, 2011

My Next Painting Adventure - Chalk Paint

Any time I hear of a new paint product it always makes my heart pitter patter.  That's exactly what happened when I heard of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  

Chalk Paint is a paint that requires no priming(!) and comes in 16 colors perfect for creating the French look that I love.  As a bonus, Annie Sloan has also authored several books on painting techniques and French decorating.  I recently ordered her book Creating the French Look from Karla at Lady Butterbug  and could hardly wait to get it in my hot little hands.

I have a hand-me-down dresser that my husband refuses to give away or sell due to sentimental reasons. I told him we could keep it as long as I could paint it.  It is the perfect piece for me to try Chalk Paint for the first time.

Old White and Paris Grey...

...are going to transform this dresser into something fabulous.

Because Annie Sloan's products come out of Oxford, England they are a little difficult to find in the U.S. but as luck would have it I found a retail store in my area who orders and stocks the products!  I purchased a litre (fancy spelling here) each of Paris Grey and Old White.  You can see the size of the cans above.  Currently this is the only size available for Chalk Paint.  

I cannot wait to get started on my project!  Stay tuned for the finished product and blog post to follow!

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