Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Turns Out, You're The Jones

"Keeping Up With The Jones"

We all know what it means and we've all been guilty of it at some point or another.  In my constant meditation on being content and what exactly that means, I have discovered that there is something I admire in almost everyone I run across.

I may not covet it or envy it but it's something that, if I'm honest, I wish I had a little of too.  I suppose someone might say the same thing about me but I, like most women, find it hard to believe that someone would admire something about me.

So just in case you ever feel like everyone else is the Joneses and you're just struggling to keep up, let me point out some of the things that I love/admire/envy (in the good way) about you.

Your new haircut.  (Such a good look for you!)

Your beautiful skin.  (What IS your secret?)

Your newly painted toenails.  (Love the new color!)

That new thing you bought for your house.  (Looks like a million bucks!)

How many kids you have.  (Blessings, all of them.)

How easy it was for you to get pregnant.  (We'll talk about this when you've got more time...and coffee.)

Your personal style.  (Why can't I put outfits together so easily?)

Your patience.  (Seriously, where can I get some of that?)

Your new shoes.  (So cute. Love them)

Your cute laugh.  (As opposed to my sudden, loud cackle.)

Your cooking skills.  (My family would really appreciate a new recipe.)

Your creativity.  (What a great idea/product/skill!)

Your blog content.  (It's what mine wants to be when it grows up.)

Your expertise in an area in which I feel like a dunce.  (Do they have a book on it at the library?)

The beautiful flowers in your garden.  (Why do yours look like the ones in the magazine?)

Your height.  (I'm 5'3" but I remind myself that so is Reese Witherspoon.)

Your jean size.  (I swear I'm going to exercise tomorrow.)

So the next time you start feeling down on yourself, remember that there is always someone somewhere looking at you and thinking "I wish I had that."

Be Content, Cheap Mamas.


  1. Girl, thanks for the post. Soooooo needed that today!

  2. Thanks Christa!
    ....and I LOVE your laugh :)

  3. I don't even know you and I adore your sense of humor with a spice of sarcasm :) Loved this post. You're definitely one of my Jones'. Plus your new blog look is adorable. See? One more thing :)

  4. I love this! Especially the part about 5'3 being SO Reese Witherspoon! I can totally relate! :)


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