Monday, February 14, 2011

How Pregnancy Changed My Body

A head to toe inventory of how lugging around another human being (twice) changed my body.

Hair: I was one of the lucky ones (sarcasm intended) who experienced post partum hair loss.  My hair loss was limited to the periphery of my face and now, almost 8 months later, I'm sporting hairs about 2 inches in length which stick STRAIGHT OUT from my head no matter what I do.  Maybe somebody I'll look like a Breck girl but it ain't happening any time soon.

Eyes:  I woke up one day in the third trimester of my second pregnancy and BOOM! Dark circles.  Since then I've become an expert in concealer.  I could have done without the new knowledge of cream vs powder and the correct dabbing technique to make me look like I don't belong in Night of the Living Dead.

Arms: Evidently those toned arms I sported pre-kids weren't in it for the long haul.  My arms became squishy after having kids and now I have to actually pay attention to all of those arm exercises.

Stomach:  Other than the fact that my stomach was stretched beyond all imaginable girth which caused changes you can imagine for yourself, I used to have a perfectly round belly button.  It was the cutest little 'O'.  Now, that 'O' looks like an eyelid that's been caught in mid-blink and it looks like it's here to stay.

Thighs: Before kids- no cellulite.  After kids - cellulite.  'Nuf said.

But oh, how these children have changes my body in so many other ways as well.

Heart: My heart now walks around outside of my body playing, laughing, singing and smiling.

Eyes: My eyes watch in amazement as these little beings run and roll around my house and I have to pinch myself that they're mine.

Arms: My arms have held, rocked, and carried these children.

Hands: They might not be the hands of a young girl anymore but these hands have brushed away tears, caressed sleeping faces and held hands in the parking lot to keep a little one safe.

My body has been the warm home needed as my babies grew and developed.  It has provided a loving embrace, a lap on which to hear a story, a nose for Eskimo kisses and arms and legs to carry them when they couldn't do it themselves.

Some days I wish for the body I had in my early 20's but with all I've gained, I'll keep my changed body.

Now I'm off to go kiss some sleeping babies...


  1. Isn't it crazy and amazing the changes our bodies go through during and after having babies! This puts it all in perspective. I am following you through Bloggy Moms! Check out my blog as well!

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  3. Awww. So well written! You make me look at my body in a whole different light! I needed that!

  4. OMG!! Great post and it so true how pregnancy changes our bodies and how we long for that old body back but to have our child(ren) we wouldn't change for the world and we are willing to go through all those changes just for them.

    Newest follower from Bloggy Mom and would love for you to follow back :-)

  5. Love this! :)

    And re: your uniform post, sad to say I've been a sahm for a couple years now and if I'm not going anywhere, my uniform is my pajamas, hahaha.

    Stopping by and following from Bloggy Moms.

    Have a great night!



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