Saturday, February 12, 2011

What I've Learned as a SAHM

February marks my one year anniversary as a stay-at-home mom.  It has been everything and nothing that I expected.  Here are a few things I have learned on my journey so far.

*Having kids = having a cluttered house. And that's okay.

*You really can wash your hair every other day and still look great.

*Zip up hoodies can be dressed up or down.

*Quitting high heels will mean that the next time you don them you will be sore the next day and wonder how you ever wore them EVERY DAY.

*You will learn that the grocery store is populated with completely different types of people at 10 a.m. than at 6 p.m.

*When the package says "Sleep N Plays" your baby will both sleep and play in the same one for at least 24 hours.

*Being content with what you have is perhaps the most difficult thing to accomplish but when you arrive there, it is pure bliss.

*Yes you really will have entire discussions with your child over the plot lines of animated movies, how Diego is Dora's cousin and not her brother, and what would happen if babies could drive.

*You will be clipping coupons on a Sunday evening and realize that you did become your mother after all.

*Most of your adult friendships will be conducted over Facebook, Twitter and text messages but it will mean that although you are home, you are still an individual connected to the outside world and will be the way you stay sane most days.

*Going to Wal Mart alone will be akin to a mini vacation.

*Being around other moms without your children present will be like sunshine to your soul.

*There will be days when you wonder, "are these clothes or are these pajamas?"

*You will really learn how to streeeeetch a dollar.

*You will feel a deep connection with the generations of stay at home mothers who have gone before you.  You will marvel at how they kept a home, raised healthy children and stayed happily married with such grace.

*You will re-kindle your relationship that you abandoned in childhood with the public library and ask it to forgive your affair with Barnes & Noble.

*You will be only slightly embarrassed when you get really excited about finding new ways to clean your house.

*At some point you will have to come to peace with the fact that your job is never done, always present and will require the same energy tomorrow that it did today.

*You will have wonderful plans about keeping a schedule of cleaning, shopping and spending quality time with your children...and then watch those plans fall apart within the first week.

*You will learn to be flexible and take each day as it comes.

*You will covet a mentor mom when you find her.  You'll know she's worth her weight in gold.

*You will go from being irritated that your house looks so "lived in" to reveling in the fact that your house looks so "lived in."

*You will live vicariously through your husband's restaurant lunches.

*You will love your husband even more for trusting that this stay-at-home plan will work out even though you know he's secretly stressed about taking on the financial responsibility alone.

*You will shower and get dressed in something other than sweats and your child will ask "Are we going somewhere Mommy?"

*You will wait for nap time each day like a 5 year old waits for Christmas.

*You will long for time away from your children and then when you get it you will miss them because they're not with you.

*You will thank God for every minute that you get to spend with your children knowing that this time is a blessing.

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